License Renewal

Agency license renewal begins on January 1, 2018 and ends on January 31, 2018.  To complete the renewal, all licensed agency owners must pay a licensing renewal fee of $40 and complete a renewal application by January 31, 2018.   

Agencies may renew online through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) or by submitting a paper renewal application to the Department.  Instructions for each option can be found at the bottom of this page.       

In order to maintain the agency license, an agency must pay the license fee and have at least one licensed and appointed producer assigned to the agencyAny business transacted by an agency or producer with a lapsed or canceled license shall constitute the unauthorized transaction of insurance business and is subject to regulatory action.  



S.C. Code Section 38-43-107 requires agency owners to notify the Department within 30 days of any address change.  Agencies can update their address online by using the User ID and Password assigned to the agency by the Department.  Failure to keep a current agency address will result in administrative penalties being assessed against the agency.  If the agency owner cannot remember the User ID and/or Password, please send an email  to the Department’s Technology Division. 



Agency owners are encouraged to remind licensed producers affiliated with the agency to report their home, business or mailing address changes to the Department within 30 days after establishing a new address.



S.C. Code Section 38-3-240 (A) (2) provides that an agency transacting the business of insurance in this State shall pay a biennial $40 license fee for two years in order to avoid cancellation of the license.  Regulation 69-33, Section IV provides that if the fee and completed application is not received by January 31st of the even numbered year, the license must be cancelled. 

Reinstatement for any agency license cancelled is subject to a penalty fee of $250 plus the license fee of $40, for a total of $290. Reinstatement applications must be submitted by paper and will have to be manually processed by the licensing staff.



Your cancelled check or, if applying online, confirmation from NIPR will serve as your receipt. Please make certain all spaces on the renewal application are completed and the fee is paid, or your application may be returned.    


Agency licenses are continuous, if not canceled or revoked.  Therefore, a new license will not be mailed.  There is no charge for printing the licenses and copies of duplicate or amended licenses can be obtained at anytime.  To obtain a license copy, follow the instructions below.   

  1. Go to Online Services  
  2. Under the heading "Registered Agency Users" - select "Print Agency License"   
  3. You must accept the License Certification Terms of Use before proceeding.  If you agree with the terms, select "I Agree" at the bottom of the page.  
  4. Key in the FEIN and Agency Code and select "Login."  
  5. Select "Print License."



1) Paper Renewal Option:

  • Print a copy of the renewal application (Complete all spaces and answer all questions on the application)
  • If your address, FEIN number or designated responsible producer has changed, update it on the renewal application.
  • Sign the properly completed application and mail it to the Department with a $40 check made payable to the SCDOI.
  • The Department's mailing address is: 
     South Carolina Department of Insurance
1201 Main Street, Suite 1000
Columbia, SC 29201

*Agencies choosing to renew by submitting a paper application should allow sufficient time for the renewal to be manually processed by the licensing staff.

2) Online Renewal through NIPR:

Agencies renewing online through NIPR will receive immediate confirmation of renewal status.  However, there is a processing fee of five dollars ($5) for online renewals through NIPR.    

SC resident agencies

  • Visit National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).  You must have your FEIN to renew on this website. 
  • On NIPR’s home page, click “Renew"
  • Click on “Resident Licensing Renewals”
  • Select "South Carolina"
  • Click on “Renew Here”
  • Select “Business Entity” 
  • Complete one of the identification options that will identify the licensee on the Producer Database (PDB) and follow the remaining onscreen instructions.

Nonresident agencies

  • Visit  National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).  You must have your home/resident state agency license number and FEIN or NPN to renew on this website. (The agency NPN can be obtained when you begin the renewal electronically)
  • On NIPR’s home page, click “Renew”
  • Click on “Non-Resident Renewals”
  • Under RLR State Requirements, click on “Renew Here”
  • On the Use Agreementpage, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Accept
  • On the next page (Non-Resident Licensing page), select your home state in the “Resident State” drop-down box. Then, enter your home/resident state license number.
  • Select “Business” for the “License Type”
  • Select “Apply to renew an existing Non-Resident license”
  • Enter your FEIN or NPN  
  • To obtain the NPN, select the National Producer Number button and follow the onscreen instructions 
  • After entering the required information, click Next 
  • The next page will show the License that is being renewed.  Click “Next” 
  • Follow the remaining instructions to complete the renewal of the agency license.